When it comes to our homes, a sense of security is extremely important. Not only are our homes likely the biggest investment we make, and full of our most valuable possessions, but they house the most important things in our lives: our loved ones. That’s why it is so important that we take steps to ensure that our homes are protected from intruders. There are generally two ways to go about that: home defense and home security. We go over the efficacy of each method here.

Home Security

Home security is a term that, at its broadest, can include everything from doors, locks, and lighting to alarm systems, motion detectors, and security cameras. What all of these things have in common is that they are either preventative measures (doors and locks) or alerts (alarms and cameras) that tell you or the police when your home is being invaded.

Unfortunately, while many intruders end up being deterred by alarms and running off, they do not stop the ones that don’t from ransacking your belongings, or even causing bodily harm to you or your loved ones. Many burglars are also aware of the fact that the typical police response time can range anywhere from ten minutes to two hours, plenty of time to make off with your most prized valuables. Unfortunately, the recovery rate for items that have been stolen is abysmally low, and you are unlikely to get them back — especially if they steal a gun from you.

Home security systems do offer surveillance, which can be useful for keeping tabs on everything that goes on in your home and property, and maybe potentially catch someone casing the area.

Home Defense

Whereas home security systems rely on loud alarms and police response times to deter intruders, home defense systems actually stop them in their tracks, preventing damage or theft of property and harm to residents and their guests.

Home defense systems should not be designed to harm the intruder, as their basic civil rights should be protected as well. Rather, they are designed to incapacitate them. Maybe the most popular home defense option, a pepper spray defense system, uses the same substance used by police to prevent violence without causing any lasting injury. Pepper spray home defense systems can fill a room, incapacitate an intruder, and dissipate safely and completely, all within a matter of hours.

There is an added benefit of the feeling of security given by home defense systems as opposed to home security systems, as residents don’t have to worry about a window of time in which they are at the mercy of an intruder. Additionally, there is no reason the two can’t be combined to maximize the security of your home and property.

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