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Don't be a victim

Get Immediate Protection for you and your valuables


Imagine your wife coming home alone while home invaders lurk inside. The longer these intruders dominate your home the more likely they are to attack her or ambush a responding police officer. Our devices drive out intruders in seconds in order to avoid dangerous situations. A burglar can loot your place in minutes, but even worse, cornered criminals are vicious beasts. We save your stuff, but that's secondary to saving your life. Not only does our home security spray defense system protect your belongings and personal safety, but since it is a non lethal self defense product, it can actually end up saving the burglar's life too.

  • Stop intruders in seconds and leave them empty-handed.

  • Prompt police response no longer needed.

  • Uses food-grade pepper spray extract. 

  • Dissipates in about 4 hours. NO CLEANUP REQUIRED! 

  • Leaves no traceable residue.

  • AB-2000 and Intercepter units install in minutes.

  • Repulsar units interface with most alarm systems. 

  • Intercepter and Repulsar units can be networked together. 

Featured Products

The AB-2000 forces intruders to leave in seconds empty-handed. Our pepper spray security devices are so effective, police response isn't needed.

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Add muscle to your home security alarm system with the Repulsar I pepper spray anti-burglary upgrade.

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To control larger areas and add versatility, upgrade your security system with the Repulsar IV.

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The Intercepter pepper spray security device protects your family from burglaries and home invasions more effectively than any home alarm system in existence.

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