Ideas to ponder about protecting yourself from an attacker or burglar:

If a vicious criminal chooses to pass you on the street, by all means, return the favor, and let the police deal with him. However, if you are in a fight for your life, fight! The decision on how you will handle a serious encounter must be made in advance. You will not have time to puzzle this out on the fly. Double-mindedness on the subject of self-defense does not lead to victory or survival.

You may wonder what qualifies me to speak on this subject. My career is in the security industry. The customers who come to me are often people who have been burglarized, beaten, raped, stabbed, or shot. My security devices are intended to prevent or reduce the chances of such things ever happening again. I routinely get stories and reports from my customers regarding how the devices performed under actual conditions. I receive statistics and case histories from many sources describing the threats we face. I am immersed in this subject. I learn what I can about all valid defensive measures. Some of what I learn I pass on to you.

Here are some of my thoughts on the matter of self-defense:

  • Submission is not a plan. Submission is what you have left when you have no plan.
  • Submission emboldens an attacker to do more to you than he may have originally intended.
  • Getting killed is not the worst thing that can happen to you.
  • Nothing offers better protection than a gun, but a gun out of reach is worthless.
  • Self-defense is a misnomer. With strictly defensive moves you will lose. A counter attack is essential.
  • When defending yourself, you cannot restrict yourself to fighting “fair”. It is not fair that you are being attacked in the first place.
  • In responding to an attack, one must get the attacker to stop thinking about you and start thinking about something else, like hospital emergency rooms, and how he wishes he was in one.
  • When defending yourself against a more powerful attacker, you must use tactics that deliver the most injury with the least demand for strength, coordination, and stamina.
  • An out of condition victim, like most of us, must win within the first 30 seconds. Beyond that, we will be too exhausted to do anything.

There are moves that will accomplish these goals. You will never see these moves on Ultimate Fighter Championship, since they are against the rules and potentially lethal. There are many rules in the UFC. UFC is a close combat competition in which no one is supposed to suffer serious injury. The contestants bang away at each other for fifteen minutes, and at the final bell, they usually both exit the octagon under their own power to fight again. The conclusion we must reach is that all the moves they use are ineffective in a life and death close combat situation. The fights are really examples of what not to do in a life and death struggle. The moves that really work are things that anyone can learn in about five minutes, but bear in mind that these tactics will not make you invincible nor guarantee victory. They will merely give you a fighting chance against a superior opponent.

A home invader is after more than your stuff. He may kill you or worse.

If you ever find your self facing a home invader, there are two assumptions you can make:

  1. You are not his first victim.
  2. Unless you prevail, you will not be his last.


Your responsibility to yourself and your fellow citizens is to win!


You can go to top home security companies around the world, and often you’ll only find alarm systems that do nothing to stop an intruder. A non lethal home protection alternative is our home defense pepper spray. Don’t leave the safety of yourself or your loved ones up to police response time, your first line of defense should be your home. Give us a call for more information.