Burglar Bomb  “The Original Pepper Spray Home Defense System”  (Revel Technology Inc., doing business as Burglar Bomb) is based in southeastern Pennsylvania in the town of Birdsboro. The company was incorporated in 1985. Our sole product line is pepper spray anti-burglary devices.

Many of our customers realized the tremendous value of this approach to security immediately upon hearing of it. Others came to us only after experiencing first hand the limitations of conventional house security systems.

We have saved desperate property owners from taking desperate measures, such as installing gun traps. In the process, I suspect we have saved the lives of property owners and burglars alike. It gives me a good feeling to know that Burglar Bomb is doing something about crime that truly makes a difference.

Burglar Bomb security devices don’t rely on bells and sirens. Instead, they use OC pepper aerosol spray. When triggered by an intruder, this powerful irritant will fill a room in seconds, forcing them to leave in panic. The aerosol is also harmless to furnishings, and can be aired out in as little as an hour.

Aren’t you tired of being on the losing end of America’s crime wave? Now, you can do something about it. REVEL anti-burglary devices can stop the crime in seconds, even if the police never show up.

Why spend $30 per month ($360 per year) in monitoring fees that will only get the police there in time to assess the losses? Why trust a bell that may not scare the burglar when, with our systems, you can really ruin his day? With our pepper spray security system installation, you can rely on a much more tangible house security defense. Take the power out of the burglar’s hands with our non lethal house security option.

We urge you to make the choice that makes sense.

Here’s to fighting crime,
Jeffrey L. Fink, President
Member of ASIS (American Society for Industrial Security)Lifetime member of the National Rifle Association