1. Benefits of Non Lethal Home Defense

    Here at Burglar Bomb, we sell pepper spray home defense systems to protect you and your loved ones from the prospect of a home invasion. Unfortunately, crime is a very real part of the world, even if we wish it weren't so. And while it is a nice thought to put our trust in the brave men and women who serve the people working on the police force, the reality is that in the event of a home invasion,…Read More

  2. Burglar Bomb Home Defense Products

    There is not much in the world that can scare a person as much as a home intrusion. Not just your belongings, but your person and your loved ones could be at risk, and often police response times take too long to be of any help. That is why you need a home security system that doesn’t just alert you to intruders, but protects you from them. Here at Burglar Bomb, we carry a selection of high qual…Read More

  3. Pepper Spray Myths Dispelled

    There is a lot of false information and hearsay going around about pepper spray. Here at Revel Technology, we believe that using pepper spray responsibly, especially in our home defense system, is a safe, humane, and effective defense alternative. To help you sift through what is true and what’s not, here are some common pepper spray myths dispelled. “Civilian pepper spray can’t be as strong…Read More

  4. Punishments for Crime Throughout History, Part 1

    Did you know that both violent and property crime has been on a steady decline for a long time in the United States? You may not know it from watching the news, but it's true; we are actually safer than we've ever been before. And while you would think that harsh punishments deter crime, historically our criminal punishment is also lighter than it was throughout history. A lot lighter, in most cas…Read More

  5. Home Defense vs. Home Security Systems

    When it comes to our homes, a sense of security is extremely important. Not only are our homes likely the biggest investment we make, and full of our most valuable possessions, but they house the most important things in our lives: our loved ones. That’s why it is so important that we take steps to ensure that our homes are protected from intruders. There are generally two ways to go about that:…Read More

  6. US Crime Trends

    There is something extremely visceral about the threat of a home invasion, or violent crime in general. Even though we are vastly more likely to suffer harm from a number of other tragedies (driving accidents, bad eating habits, etc.), something about interpersonal violence shocks us. Why would one human being do that to another? Much of what we hear about violent crime comes from what we see on t…Read More

  7. The Effects Of Pepper Spray

    Chances are if you follow the news, you’ve probably heard of pepper spray. Pepper spray, chemically known as Oleoresin Capsicum, is a derivative of the capsaicin found naturally in peppers. It is most commonly known to be employed as a non lethal weapon by police when subjugating suspects. Here at Revel Technologies, we’ve taken its uses even further, from just self defense to home security as…Read More

  8. How Pepper Spray Works

    Here at Burglar Bomb Security Systems, home defense is what we do. In our eyes, solely using an alarm to ward off intruders is just not enough to protect your safety. The simple truth is that the time it takes for police to respond to a 911 call is sufficient to not only make off with some or many of your valuable belongings, but also to potentially cause bodily harm to you or one of your family/g…Read More