No, It’s a Pepper Spray Home Defense System

Definition of booby trap:

An explosive or non explosive device or other material, deliberately placed to cause casualties when an apparently harmless object is disturbed or a normally safe act is performed. Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms. US Department of Defense 2005. 
By the above definition, BurglarBomb is not a booby trap:

  1. It does not cause casualties since it is designed to cause only major discomfort, not harm or injury.
  2. Breaking into a person’s home or business cannot be considered a normally safe act.

Furthermore, Burglarbomb does not “trap” anybody. Rather than trap someone, it encourages them to leave without impairing their ability to do so.

When a person uses a hand held pepper spray device on an attacker, it is usually in a public place where the victim blasts it directly into a stranger’s face (a counter assault). Burglarbomb, on the other hand, is placed in the sanctity of one’s home where it sprays out into a room and not directly or deliberately at any individual person. It is not an assault. BurglarBomb anti-burglary devices could possibly be called anti-air fresheners. When intruders experience how unpleasant the air has become inside, they quickly choose to resume breathing the air outside. And, in their haste to get themselves outside, case histories have shown that intruders almost never take any valuables with them.

For in home security solutions, you cannot beat the efficacy of BurglarBomb. While not a boobie trap, it does effectively protect your home from intruders. Call us about our home security packages today.


If a normally equipped fire fighter were to enter a building protected by BurglarBomb, he would never even notice it went off. Toxic smoke is worse than pepper.