1. The burglars were begging the police to let them out.

    They broke a hole in the roof to gain entrance, but after setting off the Repulsar they were unable to climb out. The burglars were begging the police to let them out when they arrived at the scene.…Read More

  2. Now we have real security.

    When my husband said we should protect our house with gas, I thought he was crazy. After thinking about it more, I decided it wasn't that crazy so we bought two of your Interceptors. Now we have real security. Even when I come home alone, I know that no weirdo is going to be hiding in there waiting for me.…Read More

  3. Because of the Interceptor, nothing was missing.

    I came home to find the door ripped off and laying in the front yard. I feared the worst, but because of the Interceptor, nothing was missing.…Read More

  4. It’s the only non-lethal device that can stop crime

    They stole a truck, and smashed it through the front of my gun shop. After loading the truck, they backed out and drove away. The police responded to the alarm in 4 minutes but couldn't catch them. That's why I'm calling to order a Repulsar. I realize it's the only non-lethal device that can stop crime.…Read More

  5. He now owns two units

    For years I have seen your ad for the AB-2000, thinking it was a good idea but never ordering one. This weekend I got hit for $10,000 worth of precious metals.(He now owns two units)…Read More

  6. Nothing was taken!

    I have been broken into six times at my business and once at my home since using REVEL devices. Nothing was taken!…Read More

  7. Thank God I have the INTERCEPTER!

    My house was broken into May 13, 2008. The burglars defeated my ADT system by ripping the keypad off the wall. Thank God I have the INTERCEPTER! It fired and foiled the burglars. Aside from a shattered door (front door), nothing was taken from the house. The police officer was amazed by the INTERCEPTER. P.S. My cat was in the house but he is fine. Just scared from whatever happened.…Read More

  8. Awesome Product!

    Thank you for an awesome product! Your Burglar Bomb AB-2000 has saved me thousands in insurance claims and losses. Three attempts, zero losses on the farm! ($10 in padlocks). Happy 20+ years user!…Read More

  9. Real Security

    I have been using your Terminator (AB-2000) units for years. They stopped thieves on my boat once, and stopped thieves in my house after my gun collection. I am out of refills and need to re-arm some units. Fantastic product, provides a sense of real security.…Read More