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The most important use any homeowner has for a safe room is to protect his family and valuables from home invasions. In spite of recent political events, home invasion is still a more likely and more frightening possibility than warfare or terrorist acts.

Unfortunately, safe rooms have been incredibly expensive, ranging in price from $8,000, for a “telephone booth” to $80,000 for one the size of a bedroom. It is obvious that the high price is due to beefing up the walls and door. The typical home invasion safe room depends primarily on armoring to keep a determined, well equipped intruder at bay until help arrives. Reducing the price of the armor is difficult, but if the need for armor is eliminated, then the cost would come way down to a level most anyone can afford.

Yet, there is still one other serious problem to be overcome in order for a home safe room to be effective against home invasion. You must get to the safe room before the intruder gets to you.

We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, oblivious to anything going on around us. That is our most vulnerable time for home invasion. Can we really expect to force ourselves awake, collect our thoughts, and get ourselves to a hidden room in time? Not likely. So, what can be done?

The solution is to have the bedroom(s) be the safe room(s). Thus, you are already there in a position of safety during your most vulnerable time.

The goal then is to make the bedroom secure without the high cost of armor. A traditional safe room must remain impenetrable for at least twenty minutes. That’s expensive. But, suppose that instead of making the walls and doors impregnable, we make the environment outside the room so nasty that the intruder has only seconds before he must give up and run away. In that case even a solid door will be more than enough. By placing an Intercepter Antiburglary Device in the front end of the bedroom hallway, you create the equivalent of an armored bedroom area. The Intercepter will protect the hallway with a cloud of OC pepper spray whenever an intruder tries to enter. You merely set the Intercepter, before you go to sleep, and lock the door. Then, switch it off in the morning when you get up.

My wife and I have been using an Intercepter in the bedroom hallway for over ten years and it has been very easy to use. The Intercepter has adjustable time delay and warning horn to alert forgetful owners to shut it off. With the Intercepter protecting us we sleep soundly knowing that the presence of this device shifts the odds of surviving a home invasion decisively in our favor.

While crime in general has been dropping in recent years in the U.S., rape, murder, and home invasion have been going up. Americans are being raped and murdered in their own bedrooms by criminals who gain entrance while they sleep. We’re not letting it happen to us. Don’t let it happen to you.

Affordable safety is available now. I hope you will take advantage of it.

Jeff Fink

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Side note:

Even if you opt for a traditional safe room with all the bells and whistles, you still need to control the environment outside the room.

Consider the movie Panic Room with Jodi Foster. It was a nail biting movie because the intruders had all the time in the world to devise and execute a means to penetrate the room. They nearly succeeded. If the features of the room had included perimeter control with pepper spray, the intruders would have been chased out in seconds. The victims would be instantly

There would have been no movie, because there would have been no scary story.