Here at Burglar Bomb, we sell pepper spray home defense systems to protect you and your loved ones from the prospect of a home invasion. Unfortunately, crime is a very real part of the world, even if we wish it weren’t so. And while it is a nice thought to put our trust in the brave men and women who serve the people working on the police force, the reality is that in the event of a home invasion, they are likely too far away to be of any help at all, even if it is just to find stolen property (the rate of recovering such property is abysmally low).

It’s in the name, non lethal

We know some people get gung ho about punishment, but we like to think that everybody should get a chance at redemption. Regardless, killing a human being, regardless of whether they deserve it, will cause trauma to a sane and compassionate individual. Non lethal defense systems keep you from ever having to deal with this trauma, while also protecting your life, loved ones, and valuables.

Avoid legal repercussions

It may seem unfair, but if you shoot someone in your home, even during a break in, expect a long and drawn out legal process. It may seem ridiculous, but otherwise anyone could just invite someone over and shoot them without any repercussions. The last thing you want to have to deal with after the stress of a break in is legal trouble. And if that ends in a murder conviction, then things will have really gone bad. All of this is easily avoided by choosing a non lethal home defense system.

Fewer restrictions

Unlike with guns, there aren’t really restrictions on the use of pepper spray, at least in your own home. Unless you are assaulting someone with it, of course. Obviously, a reformed felon would be one example of someone who would run into trouble getting other kinds of protection, as well as people with mental disabilities in some instances. Even if you’re not barred from getting a gun, getting one, along with the appropriate safe and safety gear, not to mention potentially training, can be much more trouble than it’s worth considering there is a cheaper and effective. Additionally, our defense system is automatic, while a gun relies on you using it manually, leaving room for human error.

Avoid innocent casualties

Probably the biggest drawback to guns is that they don’t discriminate. While there are certainly master marksman out there, the reality is that most people are unable to use a gun effectively in a stressful and dangerous situation. Unfortunately, all too often this has resulted in the injury or death of a loved one or innocent bystander rather than the burglar.


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