Here at Revel Technology, our pepper spray in home security system offers peace of mind to homeowners across the nation. Few other methods can match our product’s ability to safely stop an intruder in their tracks, allowing homeowners to retreat to safety and wait for a police response. But home security is about more than a security system, there are all kinds of precautionary measures that you can take to ensure the safety of you, your loved ones, and your belongings. Here, we would like to go over some general safety tips for you to improve the safety of your home on top of a state of the art home security system.

Lock Doors and Windows

The simplest, most straight forward way to protect yourself in your home is to keep all doors and windows locked, even when you are there. While violent crime has been dropping for decades, that doesn’t mean much to the people who are still victims. However, a simple locked door can often be the difference between a robber giving up and looking for their next mark or getting in. For easily accessible doors, a deadbolt lock and spy hole is a cheap and effective measure against even forceful intruders. If a stranger knocks at your door, especially after dark, the deadbolt will allow you to speak to them at a safer distance to assess whether they are a threat or have a legitimate reason for speaking with you.


Burglars and robbers thrive on the cover of darkness. How you use lighting can actually end up deterring a thief from ever even attempting to enter your home. One way to use lighting to deter thieves is to use exterior lighting at night. This is especially true if you have a rich, decorated front or back yard with plenty of hiding spots. By illuminating the area, you eliminate any path an intruder could take to your home without being seen. In addition to exterior lighting, keeping indoor lights on when you are away is another way to deter a potential intruder. It gives anyone casing the home the impression that it is occupied, making a successful burglary less likely.


The purpose of your garage is to safely house important and valuable belongings like your family vehicles; make sure that you are utilizing it. It may seem easier in the moment to leave the bike, kids toys, or even commuter vehicle out over night, but it leaves these items more vulnerable to theft. Taking the time to pack them into the garage not only puts them behind a locked barrier, but keeps out of sight for thieves to target in the first place.

Don’t Leave Out Keys

In the old days, it was a common practice to leave a spare key to your house under a doormat or other discrete place to allows friends and family access when you were not home. However, this is something that potential thieves and robbers have picked up on, and many have used a person’s spare keys to get access into their home. Instead of leaving a key out that anybody could find, try leaving it with a neighbor instead. That way you will have someone you trust to verify that whoever asks for access is who they say they are.

Prepare for Vacations

Many intruders are careful about how they plan their break ins, waiting for their victims to be out of town before they attempt to gain access to their home. Probably the most notorious way this is done is through social media. When you leave for a major vacation, get into the habit of not making any posts announcing when you will be gone. If you are coordinating your trip through Facebook, use privacy settings to ensure that only the relevant people see information regarding your trip. Anybody can see what you post online, so be careful that nothing can lead back to you. In a broader sense, this includes posting your address or other personal information on public online spaces.

Additionally, when you and your family leave town, make sure to notify a friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your property for you, and notify you in the case of unusual happenings. It is also a good idea to cancel your newspaper and other deliveries, as when they pile up on your front door, it can alert potential thieves that nobody is home.


Take these precautions with your home and you will be that much more ready in the case of an attempted home intrusion. Crime is an unfortunate reality in our world, but you can protect yourself and your loved ones with our pepper spray in home security system. For more information on this product, please do not hesitate to reach out to us today.