There is nothing more important than the peace of mind knowing you, your loved ones, and belongings are safe. We are proud to offer that security with our pepper spray home defense systems. Everyone wants to protect their home, and we provide an effective, non lethal method for doing so. You won’t have to worry about intruders with our products, so you can keep the thieves, robbers, and murderers in the media and history books, where they belong. Speaking of, here is the third installment in our Most Notorious Serial Killers in America trilogy.

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez is known for his Las Angeles killings that claimed the lives of somewhere between 13 and 16 victims. It was in Los Angeles that he was apprehended, after having his mugshot broadcast during a search while he was attempting to steal a car. He was apprehended by a mob at this time to be tried and convicted. He died in prison at the age of 53 while awaiting execution at the San Quentin Prison.

Dennis Rader

Dennis Rader was convicted for the murders of 10 different people in Kansas, including four of his neighbors. He was known as the BTK Killer, because his MO was to blind, torture, and kill his victims. In 2004, Rader began sending cryptic messages in floppy disks to the police. They were eventually able to trace these back to his house, where he was apprehended. He is currently serving out 10 consecutive life sentences inside a Kansas jail cell.

Ed Gein

Dubbed the “Plainfield Ghoul” by the police who were chasing him, and also referred to as the “Mad Butcher”, Ed Gein claimed the responsibility for two murders between 1954 and 1957. Both of his victims were killed by shooting, dismembered, and then kept as trophies in his house and shed afterwards. He was convicted at trial for the murder of Bernice Worden, and ended up dying in a mental facility back in 1984.

Edmund Kemper

Kemper was known as the “Co-ed Killer”, and claimed 10 lives before giving himself up to the police in 1973. He had an early history of murder and violence, being sent to a juvenile detention facility at age 15 for killing his grandparents. He would end up killing his mother as well as a personal friend after being released. He is currently serving out a life sentence in a California jail.

David Berkowitz

Known as the “Son of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz is famous for claiming that he committed his murders at the behest of tormenting by demons in the form of howling dogs. His killing spree began in 1976, where he would commonly shoot people without any provocation until his arrest in 1977. He received a 365 year jail sentence.

David Parker Ray

Known as the “Toy Box Killer”, David Parker Ray is known for having a converted RV trailer that he equipped with S&M bondage and torture devices. He reportedly recorded his abuses to his victims, although none of the recordings or remains were ever found. Parker Ray ended up dying of a heart attack in 2002 after taking a plea deal for his murders.


This ends our three part series on the most notorious serial killers in America. Luckily, serial killings are so rare as to make worrying about them superfluous. Still, it never hurts to be prepared to protect yourself. Here at Revel Technology, we offer in home pepper spray defense security systems. These products effectively stop an intruder in their tracks, leaving plenty of time for police to apprehend them without causing permanent injury. If you have any questions about our products or delivery, please don’t hesitate to give us a call today.