There is something extremely visceral about the threat of a home invasion, or violent crime in general. Even though we are vastly more likely to suffer harm from a number of other tragedies (driving accidents, bad eating habits, etc.), something about interpersonal violence shocks us. Why would one human being do that to another? Much of what we hear about violent crime comes from what we see on television, but that doesn’t always match what is happening in the real world. While we believe that you should always take the necessary steps to ensure your home is secure, and offer pepper spray home security systems to protect your property, we also don’t believe it’s productive to constantly live in fear of a home invasion. Here are a few facts and trends that may help assuage such fears.

Violent Crime Is Dropping

It may seem counter intuitive when we are constantly bombarded by every recorded and reported instance of violence news outlets can get their hands on, but the overall trend in violent crime has been decreasing for the last quarter century. This isn’t mere speculation, but rather the story told by the two most comprehensive and accepted measures of crime statistics, reports given annually by the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics annual survey. Both of these reports show drastic decline in overall violent crime, which peaked in the 90s.

Property Crime Is Also Dropping

Property crime includes everything from minor burglary and theft to grand theft auto, and is in general much more prevalent than violent crime. Similar to the overall violent crime rate dropping, property crime is dropping as well. According to the FBI data, there was a 48% drop in property crime between 1993 and 2015.

There Are Huge Variations Geographically

Even the national average on crime rates can be misleading, as geographic locations vary widely in this regard. For instance, Tennessee, Alaska, and Nevada had a rate of about 600 violent crimes per 100,000 residents in 2015, whereas Maine, Virginia, and Vermont had only 200 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. In general, population density and economic poverty are the biggest factors affecting violent crime rate.

Public Perceptions Do Not Reflect Reality

Despite every major statistical study and survey firmly pointing to a major drop in crime rates, public perception never seems to match the data. According to a Pew Poll, 57% of voters believed that crime rates had gotten worse in recent years. Likely this can be largely credited to the advent of technology and the media, which is able to report every alarming incident without the tools to put them in perspective.


While crime is always a possibility, and you should take every step possible to ensure your safety, our civilization is making strides, and it doesn’t do anything to worry unproductively. If you are looking for a home defense system that can stop a burglar in their tracks without causing them bodily injury, then you may be interested in our pepper spray defense products. To find out more about how they can protect your home, feel free to give us a call today, or read more about us here.